Hello everybody !

We hope you’re doing fine. Let me introduce  you to our music label…

First of all, 7Tone recordings is a place for our very own productions so don’t send any demos; it would be a waste of time for you and we will be unable to answer you…

Since 1996, we’ve started to play music seriously and we quickly went into studios to have demos and cd’s ready being sent for stages venues and other important stuffs to go further with our music.

The goal of our label is to present – from past ‘til now – all  productions of our differents musicians – from the Geneva underground scene – have recorded and still go on to produce.

You will find full of informations about each band, (even if they do not exist anymore), some booking infos (biographies, photos, future projects) and the most important : the music that you’ll be able to purchase via our media player.

I hope those few directions will make your interest grows for our music label, there’s a lot of songs you’ll be able to hear.

Don’t be afraid to write a little words ; we usually answer and in any cases, we’ll simply do our best.

Sincerely yours, Gorgor

Bands & Artists

7 tone

Metal + Dark Core – Ambient

The Holy Flight

Accoustic Rock Duo

Doom Collective

Alternative Metal

Super Stoner



Stoner Rock 

7 tone recordings